Thank you for your interest in becoming a patron and supporting my channelled scribing and writing work.

Accurately and respectfully honouring the messages that I receive from Spirit as a scribe channelling messages is a wonderful, highly energetic, beautiful experience but it is often an exhausting and very time consuming one when it strikes. A post that may take 5 minutes to read can sometimes take up to 12 hours to clarify and edit in order to make the message(s) as clear as it can be for our times and in language that is accessible to everyone - 'Just Hang, Man' was a recent example of this.

My writings and blog posts have been available to all, free of charge, since Flourish began many years ago. However with the changing and challenging times we are living in, and what this is bringing for us all, and with the increase in the number of messages I am receiving, and their length, it has become necessary to offer subscriptions for various levels of access.


With social media platforms heavily restricting - censoring - content, it is becoming increasingly difficult for alternative voices to be heard on larger sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Those who speak out are often de-platformed, an ever increasing indication of a cancel culture for many who voice a different opinion to the mainstream narrative. If you would like to support my work in this area by becoming a patron, your support allows me to continue to share these scribed messages, as well as posts that are commentary on world events and those which support autonomy of our own health and healing. Your support is deeply appreciated!


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