The menopause is one of the most powerful transitions in a woman's life but sadly society is still a long way from giving this metamorphosis the respect and understanding it deserves; often this can also shape our own approach to such an important stage, an aspect I talk about in my blog posts and in my Discover The Dragoness: Harnessing The Power of Your Menopause workshop
At your first visit, we have the opportunity to discuss your own experiences, allowing me to tailor your session to your own individual support needs and discussing a treatment plan for a positive way forward - the first visit includes an initial consultation and a Reflexology treatment. As we move forward and our work together deepens, we look at various healing modalities that are suitable for each session, as your support needs change just as you do. This may include bioenergetic work, bodywork therapies, the retrieval of your personal power and restorative soul healing. Each session is dedicated to creating a safe space for supportive care and holistic wellness, welcoming the transition with inner strength, grace and self compassion. 
Ongoing Support
I recommend ongoing sessions for support during menopause and I provide a dedicated plan of 12 weekly 1hr sessions over 3 months - please see Plans & Pricing and more details.
Prospective Clients and New Enquiries
Pre-appointment telephone and Zoom consultations are available to prospective clients, providing a private and confidential time and space to discuss your needs, help guide you to the best approach for you, offering the opportunity to explore a connection with Flourish and consider Andrea as the best practitioner for you. These are available to book online below.
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