While this rustic piece is beautiful, it isn't concerned with appearances. It's far too long in the tooth for that. Patience is as exactly as it appears to be - earthy, raw and joyful - with physical weight and presence, a woman of the world. The 925 silver in this pendant is substantial and it is gorgeously ornamental in places but it is secondary to the Turquoise, acting as the vessel to carry them.


The decorative Third Eye Turquoise is set in Peacock feather scroll work, drawing the eye to the little green stone. While Peacock is beautiful, it is a spirit totem of lightness and humour - the cry of Peacock is tinged with a little bit of laughter, sharing with us that beauty isn't everything and nothing should be taken too seriously, that laughter is an essential part of health and wholeness. Peacock is the closest we have in our earthly realm to Phoenix, that mythical creature rising from the ashes in the cycle of birth, death and rebirth; a creature of insight and of ancestral and karmic connection.


The huge Turquoise stone is the nurturer, a sea green piece, with it's veins and fissures reflecting the Earth itself, all embracing and gently supportive. The silver setting is open at the back, allowing a greater energetic flow between itself and the wearer - you can see some scarring to the back of the stone when it was mined. This main Turquoise piece perhaps doesn't have the ornamental setting it deserves - with some crude silver addition to the inside of the back - but it's much more concerned with just getting the job done, supporting whatever positive intention its ally wishes to share from the heart. 



This piece was vintage when I acquired it and it has been with me for around 10 years. There are some small areas of natural tarnishing and small superficial scratching to the silver - this piece has lived! I bought it at a time when I sold many pieces of totem and stone jewellery and crystals, knowing it was not meant for me but, as the messenger, I would be able to pass it on to the person it would speak to. For many years, that person did not come. It is only now that Patience is able to share itself with you again; only now I am able to place it in my online shop to help it find its caretaker. It has been waiting amongst my personal crystal and mineral collection, ready for the right time and the right guardian. 


Measurements (approximate): 


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