Both wild and magical, this beautiful piece has an energetic strength that will speak to the spiritual seeker who is ready to receive its medicine. A third eye of Labradorite sits at the very top of this piece, its insight being revealed by the waning Moon entering the third quarter. Underneath is Wolf, singing its mysterious song to the Moon. The main Labradorite beneath Wolf encourages you to look upon it from different angles to reveal its earthy, and ethereal, wonder. Wild Woman may initially appear to be accompanied by two Labradorite stones - in both the third eye and the main triangular piece - but all is not as it seems. There is a hidden Labradorite to the back and this says much about this piece. Wild Woman is both the seen and the unseen. Wolf Medicine Wolf is often misunderstood. Humankind considers Wolf to be a fierce cold-hearted hunter but Wolf is one of the most sociable, friendly and intelligent of animals, and a loving pack member. Wolf's strength lies in its loyalty to community and innate need to share and support; they understand the sacredness of this. Each Wolf has its place and each its own unique value to the pack. Indigenous peoples have great respect for Wolf, with its love of family, protective instincts and complex social structures. Wolf is guardian of the vulnerable, supporter of the strong. But Wolf is also so much more. It is a wise teacher, willing to offer its medicine to those with an open heart, sharing its wisdom and teachings of love, compassion and loyalty. Wolf Medicine is especially helpful to those who have not been taught the value of kinship and trust in their family or community. Labradorite Medicine A stone for the path of the spiritual traveller, Labradorite is an ally who guides us to light, the place where we can find our answers. It stimulates our imagination and helps us toward the meditative states where we can commune with the divine light of creation, the light of love. We need only look at things in a different way to see the hidden treasures that lie within. Wild Woman is handcrafted using sawn nickel silver, textured brass and set with Labradorite cabochons. Before it is sent to you, Wild Woman is cleansed, charged, aligned with the spirits of Wolf and Labradorite and blessed for the highest good. Measurements (approximate): 10 cm length x 3.5cm width

Wild Woman

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