Reiki Level 2 | Professional Practitioner Program
I developed this program after coming across so many people who had undertaken both Reiki Level 1 and Level 2 training with hopes of offering Reiki to the public, only to find that they did not feel confident, skilled or knowledgeable enough to do this as a professional practitioner. Often they don't feel they have received adequate enough training or been given the opportunity to deepen their experience in order to be skilled enough to conduct professional consultations, or to emotionally support clients while defining and maintaining their own boundaries. Often they don't know enough about record keeping, data protection, health and safety, insurance, marketing and self employment requirements. These, and so much more, are essentials for professional practice and this is why I developed my Professional Practitioner Program. When I took my first tentative steps on the Reiki path, over 15 years ago, none of these things were discussed, shared or explored in any kind of detail - and sadly many courses still don't. In many courses, there is inadequate training and preparation for students wanting to enter into professional practice and all of the challenges this entails.
As a Reiki Master and Teacher, I have developed a program that I personally would liked to have been offered as an excited student, receiving full support on my learning path as a Reiki Therapist. And this is exactly what this program offers you. The Professional Practitioner Program is a journey of commitment - both mine and yours - to your development towards professional practice. It is a dedicated one to one training and support program over the course of 4 months.
If you feel drawn to the ethos and values of Flourish and that they align with the approach you would like to take as a Reiki Therapist, then this program will give you a solid foundation for strong, ethical practice. Sharing Reiki with the public carries much responsibility, both for your own energetic, mental, emotional and physical health as well as those of your clients. The mission of this program is to guide and support you as a skilled, knowledgeable and sustainable therapist. There is much to consider if you wish to be a passionate, as well as compassionate, therapist and to stay that way. 
The First Step
If you would like to embark on my Professional Reiki Practitioner Program, we will be taking an exciting journey together - welcome aboard! As with all incredible travels, we need to make some initial preparations to ensure we are off on the best foot possible. I ask that your self treatments and general practice on yourself, friends and family have been ongoing for at least 6 months after your Reiki Level 1 course and before considering beginning this training. Ideally, you will have trained in Reiki Level 1 with me - if not, a refresher workshop is recommended before committing to the program. This way we can explore your skills and knowledge and if some fine tuning is felt needed, we can do this at the refresher.
The successful completion of 15 case studies is required for you to be personally equipped and professionally skilled enough to confidently offer Reiki to the public. The completion of your case studies is essential for certification, issued after their successful completion.
The Professional Practitioner Program provides:
Month 1
  • 1 x full day of initial training with attunement and course manual
  • Practical, therapeutic and energetic uses of the sacred symbols
  • Mental, physical and emotional healing; Distance Healing
  • Meditative practice and self development
  • Hand positions for self and others
  • Practice sessions and energetic development
  • Varying the approach for different clients
  • Consultation skills with clients
Month 2 
  • 1 x 1hr follow on supervision and mentoring sessions. There is one each month for the 3 months following the full and half day training. These sessions are to support you in your personal and professional development and to discuss your experiences and progress
Month 3
  • 1 x 1hr introduction on how to deepen healing work using different holistic approaches 
- Body scanning and an introduction to dowsing techniques 
  • 1 x half day of comprehensive training in professional guidelines including:
- Introduction to GDPR, record keeping and obtaining insurance 
- Increasing confidence in your consultations skills
- Code Of Conduct and Ethics in practice
- Marketing, fees and services
Month 4
  • 1 x 1hr support and supervision session to discuss any challenges you have encountered in your case studies and what these may mean
- Positive guidance and coaching for your development (these may also include therapeutic healing sessions for yourself to support, cleanse, balance and maintain your own auric energy during your case studies)
  • Ongoing phone, email and online support for the duration of the 4 months of your program
Personal Investment: £550
A deposit of £300 is required 4 weeks prior to the beginning of the program. Payment of the remaining course cost is required before Month 2. Payment is made by BACS bank transfer or cash. (at present, these are the only accepted methods of payment available for this program)
Upcoming Dates
Available upcoming dates for the beginning of the Professional Practitioner Program are available on request - this program is not available to book online. If you would like to enquire, please get in touch using the form below.

Practitioner Program Application/Enquiry

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